Chuzzle Application

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What is Chuzzle Application?

Chuzzles are furballs with big round eyes. You will match three or more of them by making moves such as prod, nudge and slide to make them explode on your screen with bouncing eyeballs and flying fur. There are four game modes including Zen, Speed, Mind Bender and Classic. You need to avoid the “no more moves” situation which means you are game over.

There are different kinds of Chuzzles like the regular Chuzzles, Fat Chuzzles that when matched with same-color regular chuzzles can affect two rows at the same time, Rainbow Chuzzles that are more difficult to match but let you earn extra points when you do, and Super Chuzzles that create huge explosions when matched with both regular chuzzles or another Super Chuzzle.

You will be challenge by Puzzle Locks that drop to lock or freeze your Chuzzles and their corresponding row or rows. You need to match them with same-color Chuzzles to free them and unlock the rows. Scrambles let you shuffle and refresh the Chuzzle grid when you have run out of moves, but they are limited so you need to use them wisely.

You can play them on Winows 2000, Vista and XP requiring 256MB RAM, more than 50MB of hard disk space, DirectX-compatible sound card, DirectX-compatible video card with 16MB, Intel Core Duo or G4 or G5 processor 700MHz [minimum], 16bit or 32bit color display, DirectX 8.0 and Internet connection to register both the backup of the CD-ROM version and the downloaded version of the game. You must have administrator access to install the game. You can also play Chuzzles on Mac OS 10.4.x – 10.7.x, Android, basic mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Last updated: : December 3, 2012