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ChemDraw Ultra

What is ChemDraw Ultra?

ChemDraw Ultra is software intended to be used by chemists in producing intelligent drawings, databases, and publications related to their field of studies.

Chemistry-based drawing solutions are produced by chemists so as to carry out presentations on different chemistry disciplines used to check biopolymer and polymeric materials, DNA sequences, RNA sequences, organic materials as well as orgaanometallic substances. The software is basically used to forecast the behavior and properties of the materials so synthesis can be planned and pushed through.

ChemDraw Ultra is used to accelerate the synthesis while ensuring the accuracy of data so chemists can produce appropriate IUPAC names of different materials. Substructure questions can be addressed using the tools provided with the software. Searching the compounds and chemicals can be done using the search option integrated in this software. Stoichiometry reaction can also be calculated using the software and data are stored automatically in the databases designed using the same software.

One version of the software ChemDraw Ultra also includes Statistica base functionality that focuses on providing accurate numerical data for easier processing of NMR spectra. The software is also utilized in keeping the process of experimentation and analysis automated and recorded.

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File types supported by ChemDraw Ultra

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