ChemDraw Pro

What is ChemDraw Pro?

ChemDraw is a visualization tool for chemists who need publication-worthy representations of their various chemical materials and structures. Whether the material is polymeric or organometallic, the program should be capable of generating a graphic representation of it, being designed as a cross-discipline solution for chemists from various areas of concentration. It can also be used to simplify property prediction, which can be useful for chemists hoping to synthesize compounds with specific properties—in that sense, it can be made to function as part of a simulation system for chemical production.

Some versions of ChemDraw can be used for enhanced numerical analysis. It can be used for the generation of spectra as well as well as for calculation reaction stoichiometry. Users can rely on it to help them make the right IUPAC names and can use it for substructure querying.

There are actually at least 3 versions of the program currently available. One is dubbed the Standard and is essentially the basic package. The second is Pro, which also includes database querying tools and other extra utilities not found in the Standard version; these include the predictive property function mentioned above. The last option is for iPad users.

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File types supported by ChemDraw Pro

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