Charm Tale

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What is Charm Tale?

Thousands of years ago, Fairyland had been bound to an evil spell. Fairylands enchanting creatures are in grave situation as nobody dares to break the spell. To save them you need to disenchant the motionless figures protected with mosaics by using gleaming bits of crystals. Shifting from one fantastic spot to another, you will have fun from the procedure of inlaying mosaics as well as discovering stunning pictures. If you want fairytales, adventures as well as happy endings, this particular memorable puzzle is perfect for you.

The computer system needed to run this game are Windows 98, ME, 2K, XP, 500 Mhz Pentium or equivalent, Vista DirectX 7.0 or better and minimum of26 Mb free hard disk space

Charm Tale’s full version features: Access to brand new levels, hours of being absorb to the game play as well as many other enchanting creatures.

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Last updated: : September 23, 2013