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Chainz Relinked

What is Chainz Relinked?

Chainz -- Relinked is a software application produced by MumboJumbo, LLC. The most famous variations of the item amongst users are: 1.0, 1.1, as well as 1.3. The name of the executable file of the program are Jigsaw.exe, NJigsaw.exe, MysteryPIVegas, chainz.exe, and Chainz2.exe.

The Game is about linking as well as eliminatng numerous colored chain links while trying to obtain all of the lettler within the puzzle video game Chainz. Just use the computer mouse to begin the actual chainz'o'massacre.

Relinked is a totally fascinating as well as enjoyable video game. Whether or not you are a child or simply a child in mind, you should attempt to actively play this particular video game.

Relinked now contains more recent edition named chainz2 relinked.Chainz2: Relinked is the follow up sequel of the hit smash, Chainz. Right now, it provides four video game settings – Classic, Puzzle, Strategy and Arcade. Therefore this certainly may appear to be far more difficult as well as fascinating.Chainz2: Relinked provides two much more fascinating video game settings – Puzzle and Strategy. Within the strategy mode, each and every click you make matters simply because three links tend to be put into the board in each turn. Within the puzzle mode, you will certainly twist your mind while you attempt to clear almost all fifty panels of links. It provides two hundred difficult levels and incredibly fascinating power-ups. It has excellent top quality images as well as spectacular unique sound clips.

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