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What is Captivate?

Macromedia Captivate is a program designed to facilitate screen-capture presentations for a multitude of applications. Using the software, users can take a video recording of their computer screens as they use their computers, providing the means for them to create step-by-step tutorials or presentations of computer activities. Every mouse click, every button, and every dialogue box that pops up is recorded, so viewers can tell exactly what to do should they wish to replicate the video author’s operations on their own systems.

Besides being capable of recording the user’s screen as a video, the software also has facilities for editing that include audio track insertion, audio recording (for narrative instruction), sound and visual effect templates, caption abilities, and even slide addition should the user deem the screen-capture video insufficient by itself. Slides can be animated as well. The user can even create executable tutorials that have hyperlinks within the video as well as rollover effects on text objects. The program is able to save finished tutorials in either the SWF or EXE formats and supports the use of Flash. It is available for Windows operating systems.

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File types supported by Captivate

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