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Cake Mania

What is Cake Mania?

Wild Tangent’s Cake Mania is a casual baking and cooking game where you control the main character, Jill Evans, who has taken over the bake shop of her grandparents. As the sole proprietor and employee of the small business, you can direct Jill to serve her customers, research new cakes and pastries, and of course bake her delicacies, all under time constraints all the time as customers wait for their orders, and she tries to avoid a customer from being too bored and irritated. This game tests the player’s prioritization techniques, as you direct Jill trying to multi-task and manage all her customers. Each stage ends at the business day, where Jill collects the money from the day’s work and can set about upgrading her shop or buying new tools that make her job easier – like shoes that make her walk faster so she can serve her customers much more quickly – or unlock new food that the next batch of customers will want to taste.

The download is free for the first try and can be bought for about $7 worth of Wild Coins, Wild Tangent’s currency system, and has a modest 23 MB size.

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