CABAL Online

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What is CABAL Online?

CABAL Online is 3D multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ESTsoft, a South Korean company. This online game is set in a fictional world called Navareth, after nearly a thousand years of its devastation by the CABAL, a group of powerful and idealistic men. In the hopes of turning their world into a better place, forces and laws rebelled against them causing the Apocalypse event where only 8 CABAL members survived including Faust who was their leader.

Created in 2005, CABAL Online has 6 character classes. These character classes provide different arsenal, skill libraries and different strategies. The class of Warriors is a typical sword user who uses force to enhance their physical abilities. The Blader class is also a sword-wielding class however, they are more known for their accuracy, speed in skill and enhanced dodging abilities. Wizards, on the other hand, are magic-users who use elements to amplify their power, Force Archers, however, are wizards who prefer to manipulate and not amplify Force.

Force Shielders are a class that learned to use force and materialize it into a real weapon; they also have basic healing skills, while Force Bladers are a class of magic swordsmen. They use Force to empower their blade arts and debuff skills that are unique to their class. This software has been included in the “Top 9 Free MMOs Worth Playing” by the PC Gamer UK.

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Last updated: : September 25, 2013