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What is C9?

WEBZEN, Inc. is a South Korean developer and publisher of video games. The company, together with its subsidiaries, also engages in software licensing and related services around the world. The company’s lineup of games includes other new titles such as Archlord 2, MU: eX 700 – MU Online’s first expansion, Continent of the Ninth (C9): PvP Global Championship and the first of its kind, MU World Championship 2011. On July 1 2012, global service of C9 began. With the release of C9, WEBZEN announced the C9 and Arctic Combat World Championship will start, where players from around the world compete to be the best in the games. WEBZEN Games are free-to-play, but they use a micropayment system to generate revenue. W Coins are the optional virtual currency that is purchased with real life money, in order to purchase virtual goods that are used in WEBZEN Games.

With C9, users can participate in a battle by summoning servants, and can deal burst damage, by absorbing (consuming) these servants. Weapon includes a chain blade, which is a two-handed weapon. Main skills are summoning and absorbing. The player can participate in battle by summoning servants and absorbing them to deal burst damage, and learn their unique skills.

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