C-Media Audio Application

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What is C-Media Audio Application?

C-Media’s audio application refers to Xear, their inclusive software that contains both the device driver for C-Media sound cards and a utility to configure the audio output depending on the C-Media hardware present in the system.

There are several lines of Xear products targeted for various kinds of C-Media sound cards. These include Xear Living, Xear 3D, Xear Surround, Xear Pro, and Xear Sonic. Xear Living is the solution for living room home theater systems, boasting such features as environmental effects, smart volume adjustment, FlexBass II (a C-Media technology that enhances bass notes), a 10-band equalizer control, and a 7.1 speaker setup and shifter. Xear 3D meanwhile, supports EAX 2.0/3D support for Windows XP and later. Xear Surround gives users a surround sound experience by emulating 5.1 and 7.1 surround and 3D positional audio for both speakers and headphones. Xear Pro is for professional audio recording that uses a proprietary technology by Steinberg Media Technologies called ASIO (Audio Stream Input Output) that provides negligible latency when playing from and recording to PCs. Xear Sonic is for low-end speaker systems by providing dynamic bass, adaptive volume, and making vocal ranges clearer.

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Last updated: : June 22, 2014