Bucksbee Loyalty Plugin

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What is Bucksbee Loyalty Plugin?

The BucksBee Loyalty Plugin is a dynamic link library or DLL file that enables the user to centralize the location of various marketing programs and utilities. It is created by FreeCause Inc., a freeware software developer of marketing solutions with focus on customer loyalty rewards. Its extension file name is BucksBee loyalty Plugin.dll and installs in the Program Files of the computer's C drive.

As a DLL file, the BucksBee Loyalty Plugin can be read and processed by various Internet programming languages, thus, it works with various website development platforms.

FreeCause, has partnered with numerous websites like marketing, retail and online shops, where customer loyalty programs and rewards are offered. With the BucksBee Loyalty Plugin - OpenInstall, the user can simply centralize their access to FreeCause's various marketing add-ons. With the BucksBee Loyalty Plugin application, users can quickly and easily check their membership points and loyalty rewards from interacting with web pages linked to the FreeCause marketing tools.

As a plugin utility, the BucksBee Loyalty Plugin appends itself to the user's browser. Once accessed, this application automatically installs the associated FreeCause program, or opens it if previously installed. The BucksBee Loyalty Plugin is generally safe to install and is not associated with any malware, spyware or malicious activity.

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Last updated: : March 8, 2012