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What is BrowseToSave?

BrowseToSave is a browser add-on that generally installs with third-party freeware. Usually, the user will be prompted about the plug-in during the installation process, giving them the option to decide whether or not to install it on the PC. This is an application that prompts the user about coupons that are available for the product or online merchant that they are viewing.

The program basically pops-up the coupon alert when the user visits any of its affiliate retailers.

Although it may come bundled with free software, the application can also be downloaded from the developer’s website. This app may also display random pop-ups, providing the user with ads that are related to the merchant that they are currently viewing. The pop-ups are displayed on the user’s browser window while they are on the relevant merchant’s website.

Deals that the app displays cover any money-saving promo of the merchant. This can be for a discount on the product, free shipping when the minimum purchase required is achieved, and also buy one, take one deals.

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