Bridge Constructor

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What is Bridge Constructor?

Bridge Constructor is a PC game published by Headup Games. The game basically turns the player into a civil engineer, where they must build bridges that can withstand various loads, generally tested by having two cars or two trucks across the bridge. If the bridge collapses, the player has to come up with another design to make it sturdier and more stable.

The player also has to stay within budget, which means that they cannot spend more money on materials than is indicated for a particular bridge. There are five environments for building the bridges: beachside, mountainside, hills, city and canyon. There are only four materials that the user can work with: concrete, wood, steel and steel cable. The user gets more points if trucks are used for the stress test, and passes the test. There are thirty levels in all, and are accessible by order only. This means that the user does not have the option to start with a particular bridge first, and then go back to the previous one. The user has to complete the bridge being presented before they can be allowed to move to the next level.

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Last updated: : May 22, 2013