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What is blinkx beat?

Blinkx Beat is a little video searching and video playlist desktop application – currently only available for Windows based computers – that searches the best videos around the web and collates them into a list, which you can view at your leisure right through the desktop app itself. Blinkx Beat is powered by Blinkx Networks (stylized as blinkx), which claims to be the largest and most in-depth video search engine on the Internet, crawling over a video database with over 35 million hours of video content (equivalent to about 4 millennia) and has partnered with 720 content companies.

Blinkx not only indexes and searches videos, but also audio files, and searches not only video streaming sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion, but also podcasts, video on demand, Internet television, and even video blogs. Unlike Google and other search engines, also, Blinkx Beat uses a phonetically-powered search system; it uses a speech recognition system to “listen” to the spoken dialogue in a video, and uses this to match search queries. This means, for example, that when you search for a “cat video”, it will not only provide results with the word “cat” in the title or description, but also in videos where the word “cat” is also spoken.

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