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What is BFlix?

BFlix is a pair of programs designed to give you content whenever and wherever you want it, in the form of a desktop application or a browser plugin that takes the form of a toolbar. The desktop application, called BFlix Gadget, and the browser plugin, called the BFlix Toolbar, have similar purposes, in which they cross reference interesting topics around the Internet, provide you content from your favorite sites, and more all in one central location. Both the Gadget and the Toolbar require installation, although you only need one to take advantage of BFlix’s capabilities; by far the Toolbar is smaller than the Gadget in terms of size and weight, but the Gadget enables you to search for these topics and content without having to launch a browser.

BFlix also browses the web for free and legal content, in case there are issues with copyright and legalities, and helps you find those that can be perused or downloaded for free. You can find games and quizzes and other interactive pursuits around the web using either the Gadget or the Toolbar, or even find streaming TV shows online all in a single click. With BFlix, all of these are available to you in one convenient location.

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If you have additional information about which types of files BFlix can process, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

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