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What is Bejeweled Twist?

The Bejeweled Twist video game is a take-off from the original Bejeweled puzzle video game that escalates the challenges to a higher level. Instead of simply creating lines of matching gems before the stock disappears on the screen, the game now requires rotating the jewels in various knots, twists and turns. Players also need to create ultra intense lightning gems and flame jewelry in the higher levels of the game. There are also obstacles such as bombs and locks that players must overcome before reaching the win level. Matching gems include square rubies, sphere diamonds, hexagon emeralds, rhombus topazes, crystal sapphires and triangle amethysts.

It is created by PopCap Games and runs on Windows OS and mobile devices. It also has versions for portable video game consoles like Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation. Since its release in October 2008, Bejeweled Twist has been consistently outranking its predecessor Bejeweled as the most popular single-player video game.

To cater to various gamer preferences, the Bejeweled Twist offers three new game modes: the Zen which has far less stress-inducing knots and twists to configure at a less speed, the Blitz which is a five-minute all-out jewel twisting quest, and the Challenge mode where high intensity twisting and gems effects are put to the test. The old Classic mode remains for players who wish to stay on tge original gems matching challenge.

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