Battle of the Immortals

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What is Battle of the Immortals?

Battle of the Immortals is an F2P (free to play) online MMORPG with strong influences from Norse mythological literature. The central premise sees players banding together to stop the forces of the Ragnarok-bringing trickster god, Loki. Built on 2.5D graphics, the game features elaborate costumes and weaponry for players, who can choose their characters from any of 6 basic classes: the Berzerkers (the Z is intentional), the Heretics, the Magi, the Champions, the Summoners and the Slayers. Gear is animated and updated as the game goes on and users can add pets to their party, specifically by capturing any of the monsters within the game. There are various choices for mounts as well and most can be upgraded.

The game supports guild creation and guild-based territorial assignment, along with guild conflicts. There are also dungeons within the game for users seeking loot or challenging runs. The game runs on the following operating systems: Windows 7, XP, Vista, and 2000. It requires a CPU of at last 1.5GHz. The game’s graphic card requirements are dependent on the operating system being used, as newer operating systems demand newer cards.

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Last updated: : August 13, 2014