BandMaster Online

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What is BandMaster Online?

There are various game modes in BandMaster to cater to users’ play styles. If they love to play with friends and jam, there are cooperative types of game modes: SOS Mode, and Concert Mode. For those who want the thrill of competing against seasoned players, there’s the Score Battle Mode and Shutter Battle Mode. What’s great is that users can also practice alone in Practice Mode for as long as they want, before they actually play with other members. There is even a Community Mode where they can go around, meet new friends, and hang out with old friends and just enjoy the music.

The Band System is the BandMaster equivalent of Guilds or Clans for MMPORGs. Users can create a band with their friends, and name that group anything of their choice. They even get to have their own band room as a hangout. They can be the top ranking band by acquiring BP (Band Points) by playing their chosen instrument. Minimum system requirements include a Pentium CPU 4, 2.0 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, GeForce Fx500 Graphics, and an operating system of Windows XP or Windows 7.

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Last updated: : March 25, 2014