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Banana Bugs

What is Banana Bugs?

Hoards of Banana Bugs are ravaging the food supply of Monkeytown, and the player is the only ape that is brave enough to take them on. All he has to do in this easy-to-learn game is to draw lines through unique shapes to fill each level. And with help from the Monkey Tiki, the player’s special rope, and a whole lot of quick thinking, it’s possible, but these bugs are much more shrewd than the player can imagine.

This game lets the player battle banana-hungry bugs in this action game for the entire family. He can play challenging levels for hours of fun, and earn bananas to add buildings and upgrades to Monkeytown. The player can also unlock valuable power-ups like Battle Monkeys, Coco Bombs, and Hurricanes. He can also take on a variety of hungry bugs such as Ants, Dragonflies, and Hornets. The player can use the mouse to move his monkey, and left-click to shoot arrows to the edges of the game board. He can right-click to switch between shooting horizontally and shooting vertically. Fill in the correct proportion of the board to meet each level’s goal.

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