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Baidu PC Faster

What is Baidu PC Faster?

Baidu PC Faster is software that provides several applications for analyzing PC performance, and repairing errors or installing updates. The software provides six applications for improving and maintaining PC performance: Health Check, Win Update, Cleaner, SpeepUp, Cloud Security and Toolbox. All features are accessible through icons/buttons displayed on the user interface.

Health Check scans the computer for viruses and other forms of malicious software. The user will be informed if their system is healthy, or if there are viruses found. Fix suggestions are generally provided if malicious software is found on the system.

Win Update scans the computer to check if vulnerabilities exist. If vulnerabilities are found, the user is informed of patches that they may need to install in order to correct the problem. With the Cleaner option, the program scans the computer for junk files, privacy files and registry errors.

SpeedUp basically lets the user know if any files, system processes, applications or programs can be optimized to speed up PC performance; while Cloud Security scans the computer while it is connected to the Internet. It will try to detect if threats are present, which could put the system at risk.

Finally, with Toolbox, the user is given several options for checking Internet and Windows speed, plus tools for checking popular websites like Facebook, and applications like Flash.

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