Baby Luv

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What is Baby Luv?

Baby Luv is a computer game developed for PC users. The game is part of the Luv series from game developer, Gogii Games. Other games in the series include Puppy Luv, Pony Luv and Kitty Luv.

Baby Luv is a single-player game, where the user gets to create their own baby, choosing its hair color, eye color, skin tone, and gender. The player also gets to name their baby. Once the baby has been created, the user can then start the actual game play.

The player is fully responsible for the baby, where they have to feed, bathe, play and change the baby. There is a meter for the baby’s hunger level, hygiene, fun, sleep and diaper condition. When any one of these levels drops down, the player has to address the situation immediately in order to keep playing.

So for instance, if the hygiene level begins to wane, the player has to click on the meter to bring the baby to the bathroom, where they can give the baby a bath. When the hunger level goes down, clicking on the meter will take the baby to the kitchen, where they can get fed.

To keep the baby entertained, there is a collection of mini games included in the software.

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Last updated: : May 22, 2013