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AVS Video Recorder

What is AVS Video Recorder?

The AVS Video Recorder is part of the AVS4You package, which includes several of the AVS line of digital multimedia editing and conversion suites. Though there is a free trial for the software, the AVS line is licensed and thus needs to be purchased before it can be used fully; however AVS4You’s unique plan allows you to purchase a single license which can be used for all AVS products. This means that you need only buy one to gain access to all the other AVS4You programs; in other words, buy one, take all.

So what does the AVS Video Recorder do? As can be gleaned from the name alone, it records, captures, and saves (imports) video from other devices to your computer, which is especially useful in instances where you need to retouch, enhance, or save your videos for posterity and that you need space on your devices. These devices include DV cameras, webcams, HD camcorders, and even old VHS tapes. The Avs Video Recorder will save these videos in either MPEG-2 or MJPEG format, depending on your preference; the AVS Video Recorder, like most of its line, also feature standard multilingual support, such as German, French, and Japanese.

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If you have additional information about which types of files AVS Video Recorder can process, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

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