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What is AviSynth?

AviSynth is a frameserver program that is primarily used for video editing and post-processing, and is an open source application under the GNU General Public License developed by a 5-man-led team of programmers. AviSynth is one of the most popular frameservers currently in existence, and though it accomplishes this without a GUI, the application consistently tops the list, and even makes it as one of the top 20 video-editing software in recent years. It has not enjoyed mainstream popularity however as its design and lack of a graphic user interface requires a rather high degree of technical know-how not only in a programming language used to communicate with the software, but also in the technicalities of video production and post-processing.

Frameservers are often used in non-linear video editing, which allows editors to edit a frame of a video without having to “roll” through adjacent sections of the film or the clip, which is in reference to traditional methods of film editing before films were digitally produced. Frameservers can do this by effectively streaming a video to another program, called a frameclient, which allows the latter to use its capabilities to edit the video. This entire process is called frameserving.

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