Avira Internet Security

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What is Avira Internet Security?

The antivirus module in Internet Security is now enhanced by the Avira Protection Cloud, which links the virus scanner to the latest threat information. Antispam and an advanced phishing filter block even the craftiest email scams and spam, while a two-way personal firewall ensures data privacy and protection from hackers. Users can supervise their kids online while respecting their privacy – Internet Security includes enhanced web and social network parental controls, which lets the user manage web use without having to look over their child’s shoulders. The popular Safe Browsing feature also filters undesirable or malicious content, and even allows the user to set time limits on their kids’ surfing sessions.

Users can download the Avira Internet Security Suite if they stream or download movies and TV, play computer games, especially with online partners, connect to Wi-Fi networks, access their bank accounts or investments on the web. They can also shop in online stores or place bids at auction sites. They can also make online phone calls, instant message or social networks. They can share their computers with their partners, or family members. This software also lets them store their irreplaceable photos, music, and videos on their PC.

Download Avira Internet Security from the developer

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Download Avira Internet Security (external link)


About file types supported by Avira Internet Security

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Last updated: : April 3, 2014