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What is AutodeskR InventorR?

AutodeskR InventorR may be an alias for the Autodesk Inventor program, an application that is generally used for the purpose of generating 3D prototypes for designs. Workflow on the program can be either freeform or parametric (or both). It also has features that improve model-making efficiency for large models.

As an advanced prototyping solution, it naturally has simulation tools packed into it as well (at least, the Professional version does), and these can be used to test prototype performance when subjected to factors of motion as well as stress. In other words, Inventor allows a user to generate a 3D model of an object—let us say an invention—and can then use the program too to run a virtual simulation of how that invention would perform under real-world conditions.

Like most other Autodesk programs, Inventor can import and export DWG as well as DWF files, making it highly interoperable with other similar applications. It is extensible and has AutoCAD integration, as well as being capable of directly manipulating model geometry. It has documentation tools, data management utilities, and an Eco Materials Adviser for those who want to generate models using sustainable materials.

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Last updated: : November 30, 2014