Atomica Deluxe

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What is Atomica Deluxe?

Atomica Deluxe is a puzzle game with an interesting concept, and original graphics and sound effects. In this puzzle, players must create molecules by joining atoms. Level by level, new atoms will appear from which the user can create molecules with increasing dangers. But if the player manages to construct molecules of enough energy, he may accidentally set off an atomic explosion, leveling off his hard work. Atomica Deluxe is a puzzle game that is distributed by PopCap Games. As with many PopCap games, the puzzle formula is similar.

The player’s game board consists of a grid, and in each square there is space for one atom. Each atom has a different color, and the purpose of the game is to create atomic reactions by moving 4 or more atoms together. The more atoms the player gets together, the bigger the reaction. However, new atoms appear on the grid that may or may not block his planned move. Now that the game has a more strategic element, the player has to know which atom to move in order to be efficient.

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Last updated: : April 3, 2014