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What is Architect?

Architect is software suite from Embarcadero Technologies that is comprised of three types of programs, each with functions distinct from one another: ER/Studio Data Architect, ER/Studio Software Architect and ER/Studio Business Architect.

ER/Studio Data Architect features tools for data management, where enterprise data can be compiled, organized and presented in a way that make data viewing easier for all concerned departments within the corporate environment. The program has the Partial Layout tool where layouts can be applied to specific objects only within the model, and when any of these objects are modified, all related objects will be modified as well. So for instance, the user can utilize the Tree Layout for one part of the model and the Circular Layout for another section of the model.

ER/Studio Software Architect on the other hand, is utilized to create a visual for the various software applications that a company uses for their operations. The model enables developers and architects to have a clear visualization of systems’ designs. The visual model allows for analysis, measurement and validation of a project’s development and progress.

ER/Studio Business Architect enables data architects to create a model for the business processes involved in the operations of a company. The tools provided to create the visual model are uses the Business Process Model and Notation standard.

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File types supported by Architect

Our users primarily use Architect to open these file types:

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