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What is ArcadeWeb?

ArcadeWeb is an online gaming center that consists of 10 daily tournaments which offer chances of winning cash to the players, from $5 to $50 daily. Once an account is created and verified, one becomes a member which enables access to all the ArcadeWeb games and to participate in the tournament prize competitions.

There are eligibility rules to participate in the tournaments. One must be 18 years or older, a resident of the United States and must play within that country. A gamer must have only one WebArcade account. One can only win a maximum of $500 a year including all the prize categories. Prizes are sent to winners free of shipping charge.

Despite handing out cash rewards for the winner, there is no cost in joining ArcadeWeb. Also, there is no monthly membership or subscription fee. WebArcade said it gets its funding from online advertising.

A total of 10 tournament games are open daily, and gamers with the highest scores win the cash rewards. The games categories are Puzzles, Strategy, Action, Adventure, Sports, Role Playing, Board Games and Cards, Arcade and 3D Games.
When a gamer earns all the regular prizes, he or she gets a $10 PayPal Bonus tournament prize. Bonus tournament prizes are unlimited.

If there are multiple players in one household or family, WebArcade enforces one-player-only policy to win a daily tournament prizes. No household member can win within a 45-day period.

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Last updated: : July 10, 2012