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What is AppGraffiti?

AppGraffiti is a simple program used to create customized Facebook layout pages, although power users point out that Facebook’s architecture does not permit the customization of a profile page that can be seen by other users – if anything, AppGraffiti only “appears” to customize your Facebook profile because it only appears to you (or to anyone with an AppGraffiti program installed). Their website claims thousands upon thousands of unique Facebook profile layout designs and wallpapers, but you need an application of theirs to download these layouts and you can view them on your Facebook profile. Without this application, apparently, your Facebook profile layout will be reverted to the default and the layout you chose will be invisible.

As with most programs of this scale and dubious purpose, a lot of users are concerned whether AppGraffiti is a safe program or not. AppGraffiti however maintains that their tool is safe and does not compromise security by sending personally identifiable information over the Internet. Unlike malware, they also say, AppGraffiti can be easily uninstalled even via the Control Panel, and it will only ask you to restart your computer to finish the removal (as it would, as well, upon first installation).

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