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What is Anyzip?

Anyzip, also written as AnyZip, is a utility for file compression and archive decompression. Developed by TurboSoft, Inc. the software features an algorithm system that enables it to create an archive of compressed files in any of these three formats: ZIP, GZIP or TAR. It features a compression wizard that can automatically create the archives for the user.

For archive decompression, the program is capable of handling various archive formats such as CAB, RAR and JAR. These are on top of the compression archives it is able to create. This means that the user may also decompress archives in ZIP, GZIP and TAR formats, plus GZipped TAR.

For users who wish to share self-extracting archives to enable others without a decompression tool to still view files within the archive, AnyZip features the SFX utility, which is a tool for creating self-extracting archives.

Batch file compression and decompression are likewise additional features of the software. The program may also be disabled from automatically extracting all files within an archive, to allow the user to extract particular files only to save on memory.

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File types supported by Anyzip

Our users primarily use Anyzip to open these file types:

About file types supported by Anyzip aims to be the go-to resource for file type- and related software information. We spend countless hours researching various file formats and software that can open, convert, create or otherwise work with those files.

If you have additional information about which types of files Anyzip can process, please do get in touch - we would love hearing from you.

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