Angry Birds Seasons

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What is Angry Birds Seasons?

Angry Birds Seasons is a game from Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The game features some of the world’s most celebrated holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Lunar Festival and Valentine’s Day.

The game play is similar to that of the original Angry Birds game. The player has to launch the birds to hit the pigs that have been stealing their eggs. Smaller pigs are easier to get rid of while the bigger ones need to be hit several times in order to defeat them. The player may defeat the pigs by directly hitting them, or hitting at structures to topple these down and strike the pigs.

The game was first released in 2010 for Apple iOS users, as well as for Android and Symbian users. The first holiday to be included in the Seasons edition of the game was Christmas, soon after, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easer, Summer and the Lunar Festival were added.

Angry Birds Seasons was a follow-up to Angry Birds Halloween. Players with the Halloween edition received upgrades to the Seasons edition without additional charges. Later upgrades to include the other holidays in the Seasons edition of the game were likewise provided for free to users who already hold the first Seasons game.

Angry Birds Seasons can now also be played on Windows, including Windows mobile, Mac OS X and Blackberry Tablet Operating System.

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Last updated: : May 21, 2013