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What is Angry Birds Rio?

To play Angry Birds Rio, you need to sling the animals across the field and fight the aliens. The angry birds have been kidnapped in cages and brought to the city of Rio de Janeiro. They need your help. They are being mistreated and hunted by the pursuers after they managed to escape, yet they need to save their other companions Bul and Jewel, the stars in the movie hit, Rio, and two rare macaws. This game is a combination of the classic Angry Birds game and twists based on the motion picture.

Angry Birds Rio employs the same basic play as the original with new features such as the boss levels. Instead of fighting evil pigs, the Angry Birds are now fighting enemy marmosets. In the boss level, the Angry Birds fight against Nigel, the main villain from the movie Rio, and his marmoset followers. Another boss to fight is the marmoset leader, Mauro. The bulldog Luiz will help you fight the marmosets in one of the levels, and for you to get hidden items and extra points. Every hit has corresponding points. High Scores are also saved. You can get this game from Blackberry App World, AppStore, Google Play and Angry Birds Shop.

The first release of Angry Birds Rio has two 30-level chapters namely Jungle Escape and Smugglers’ Den. Three expansions for the game followed with 30 new levels each that includes Beach Volley, Carnival Upheaval and Airfield Chase, and has a bonus chapter with 15 levels called Golden Beachball that you need to unlock by uncovering a hidden item in Beach Volley [for Android and iOS] or by using the redeem code from Rio DVD [on Mac and PC]. The final expansion is Smugglers’ Plane with initially 15 levels followed by another 15 levels.

Every chapter of Angry Birds Rio has a special fruit that in rare instances may be found as gold. Smugglers’ Den uses pineapples. Jungle Escape features bananas. Beach Volley offers watermelons. You find papayas in Carnival Upheaval. Airfield Chase gives you apples. Smugglers’ Plane features mangoes. The game’s Trophy Room has 12 new levels that can be unlocked when you finish a chapter or collect 15 of a golden fruit.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012