Angry Birds

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What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is a puzzle-format strategy video game that is undeniably the most popular video game to hit the world since 2009, when the classic version of the game was first released. The App Store has recorded more than 12 million purchases of the game's copies since that time, making it the most successful mobile application in the world. It was created by Rovio Entertainment, a video game developer based in Finland. It has versions for Windows OS and Mac OS as well as mobile versions for smartphones and Android phones, as well as gaming console versions for Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation.

As a strategy video game, players of Angry Birds need to launch the wingless birds using a slingshot and target pigs stationed at a distant structure. The player must target all the pigs so that new birds with higher skills and power. The game is essentially easy to master, which is a major reason for its addictive appeal. This feature combined with comical graphics and colorful characters made Angry Birds a pop culture phenomenon, spawning merchandise, music, videos, fashion and accessories, among others.

The classic Angry Birds version has been updated to include game plots, more game content and challenges, and more slingshot strategies. Rovio Entertainment has also released special editions to mark holidays, special tie-ups and other promotional purposes.

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Last updated: : August 22, 2012