Amazon Music Importer

If you are looking for Amazon Music Importer, you have come to the right place. We explain what Amazon Music Importer is and point you to the official download.

What is Amazon Music Importer?

This Amazon Music Importer permits you to import music out of your personal computer for Amazon Cloud Player; where by your own music could be played and down loaded via any Mac computer or personal computer, or perhaps compatible device.

This Amazon Music Importer can be helper software for the browser-based Amazon Cloud Player application.
This Amazon Music Importer works with the following web browsers:

• Mozilla Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Safari
• Google Chrome

After you set up Amazon Music Importer, it will eventually prompt you to definitely begin a scan to auto-pilot search your own iTunes along with Windows Media Player libraries, or perhaps manually decide on directories to search and discover music along with playlists. This process may possibly take a moment to finish.
This Amazon Music Importer will dismiss music in unsupported platforms in the list of songs.
This Amazon Music Importer indicates the quantity of playlists and the ones you choose to import, how much Cloud Player storage space you have existing, along with simply how much are going to be taken by your selected items. If your choices meet or exceed your own available space, you really should think about a Cloud Player Premium subscription.

If your Amazon Music Importer isn't going to come across any music to import, you can be provided a possibility to search within once more. If you can't understand the music you want to import, it could not have recently been contained Windows Media Player, iTunes, or perhaps the particular folder you decided to go it with. Just click Browse for additional music in order to search music throughout added folders on your desktop.

Download Amazon Music Importer from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

Download Amazon Music Importer (external link)


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Last updated: : September 10, 2013