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Altium Designer Summer

What is Altium Designer Summer?

Altium Designer Summer provides additional and upgraded features to the Altium Designer software. Altium Designer is software that functions as an electronic design automation program, for use in creating designs for PCBs (printed circuit board), the integrated circuit FPGA (field-programmable gate array), and for embedded software, which is software generally installed on hardware devices to enable them to function.

The Summer version of the software includes additional mechanical layers for circuit board design. There are 16 new mechanical layers included in the software, which multiplies the previously available layers by two, providing the user with 32 layers in all to work with. All the layers are fully customizable through the Board Layers and Colors option located on the View Configurations window.

As with the previous version of the software, the program also allows for schematic capture where schematic documents can be edited; signal integrity can be analyzed, and mixed-signal circuit can be simulated.

Additionally, with the Altium Designer Summer edition, the user is able to edit the circuit board in 3D Single Layer Mode, where each section of the board can be viewed, analyzed and edited.

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