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What is Aldus PageMaker?

The Aldus PageMaker software is considered one of the landmark applications in the history of desktop computing, particularly in the area of desktop publishing. PageMaker was especially notable because it actually started desktop publishing, being the first commercial program to enter the market for desktop publishers.

While there were IBM PC versions as well, the original version of the software was released for the Mac first. In fact, Guy Kawasaki once described it as the program that was the saving of Macintosh. Kawasaki attributed its power not only to the revolutionary character of desktop publishing at the time, but also to its promotion of visual computing interfaces. Kawasaki argued that this was related to the strong preference for Mac systems among graphic design professionals to this day.

The original PageMaker program was equipped with what would over time become the core features of nearly all DTP (desktop publishing) software. This included layout utilities, drag and drop abilities, freeform positioning options, importing provisions for media elements, drawing tools for actual page design, and basic line guides and markers for setting down properly lined-up and balanced layouts.

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