AhnLab SiteGuard

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What is AhnLab SiteGuard?

SiteGuard is an Internet Explorer add-on that was developed by South Korean security software company, AhnLab. It is compatible with IE version 6 or higher, and works under Windows XP, Vista and 7. It utilizes the V3 engine also present in other AhnLab solutions to protect against phishing and infected web pages. Unless configured otherwise, it reports every threat detected to AhnLab. Also, it comes with a built-in download manager. The program AhnLab Report, which provides information about the system, is also installed alongside SiteGuard.

Features include being able to scan and prevent malicious codes and other risks through real-time scanning by V3 engine. It also has real-time scanning of web contents using exclusive, heuristic detection functions. It removes malicious elements through a complex analysis of information based on the database, and shows only the safe elements. It detects and alarms ARP spoofing attacks that modify the entire LAN, malicious scripts injected and executed by HTTP packet modifications through HOST and DNS modifications, or web browser modifications. It also scans malicious codes when downloading files that are linked to the web page. It provides multi-download functions and a view of detailed status for convenient downloading.

Download AhnLab SiteGuard from the developer

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Download AhnLab SiteGuard (external link)


About file types supported by AhnLab SiteGuard

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Last updated: : April 3, 2014