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What is AhnLab Online Security?

AhnLab Online Security [AOS] is an online security service that provides you with protection for your online transactions that is independent of your local computer’s security protocols. AOS employs a combination of three key security components as an unconventional security solution to prevent attempts to compromise your transactions or information leaks from these processes.

Online transactions include payments for purchases or debts, flight bookings, shopping and money transfers. The emergence of online trade is also giving rise to online theft. You need to secure your financial activities. AOS features a dedicated secure browser that protects your sensitive data from memory hacks, SQL injection, Webpage alteration, BHO browser helper object] hacking, XSS [cross-site scripting], debugging, screen capturing and reverse engineering.

The AOS Firewall blocks and detects unauthorized intruders and hacker attempts that tend to pry on your personal information through leakages. The AOS Anti-keylogger will prevent theft of personal and account information inputted by your keyboard by encrypting data after entering and during transmission to the site of transaction.

AOS blocks spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans and malicious procedures upon booting and executing your operating system. It prevents pharming, phishing and unauthorized network access through SSL connection before reaching the transaction site.

Download AhnLab Online Security from the developer

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Last updated: : November 8, 2012