Age of Empires III

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What is Age of Empires III?

The Age of Empires III is a real-time strategy game. It has two extensions: The Asian Dynasties and The War Chiefs. One of its new features is Home Cities wherein players access their European Home City. It is available in full 3D. The objective of this game is for players to assume the role of Morgan Black and family surviving through harsh wilderness and a cult that’s rising in Europe. There are 24 scenarios in three acts. You will help the Aztecs fight against Spanish conquest, join in the French and Indian War, and help the character Simon Bolivar lead the revolutions in South America.

The multiplayer mode lets you organize clans, compete to achieve a spot, play with Home Cities to gain more options for strategy and gain power with more games being played. Its full 3D features and graphics effects are provided with tone mapping for balancing bright colors and shadows, lighting and shadows, bump and specular mapping for more realistic rendering such as glistening of water or shining effects of metal, realistic water effects such as water motion, water colors, flotsam in rivers, changes in reflection from a viewing angle and sunlight angle, cliffs and riverbeds.

Your combat play involves commanding diverse and large armies, artilleries, Native American warriors, huge ships and mercenaries. You can create different army formations depending on strengths and weaknesses or with automatic formations assigned by the game such as volley that lets you take turns to fire at the enemies, charge to let soldiers walk then rage into battle that makes you capable of causing your enemy huge damage although making your soldiers more exposed to injury, and bombard by using cannons to destroy enemy ranks. You can easily monitor your battles whether as individual units or in formations. Real-time physics are involved with bouncing cannonballs. Destruction of whole towers, shutters and shingles over buildings, terrains and water are featured in detail with unique animations of your combats.

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Last updated: : November 27, 2012