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What is AFCAD?

AFCAD is software developed by Lee Swordy to provide users of the Flight Simulator software from Microsoft with a program for adding certain elements into their airport designs. The program specifically enables the user to add invisible elements on their airports such as parking areas, taxiways and runways.

These elements that were added by the user will not be visually available on the airport scenery per se, which means that the user will not be able to view the changes that they made to the airport scenery. The changes however, may be viewed through GPS display or map view. Although invisible, the facilities that were added by the user can still be utilized by the airport, where the added runways can be utilized for landing airplanes, and the additional parking spaces can be used for parking aircrafts.

The program also provides support for airport data visible from the map view or GPS screen. Users may utilize existing AFCAD files for additional facilities, or they may also create their own facilities. The software is a CAD-based program provided for free to all Windows users.

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Download AFCAD (external link)


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Last updated: : March 12, 2013