Advanced System Care

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What is Advanced System Care?

The IOBit Advanced System Care, previously known as Advanced Windows Care, is a one-stop application that repairs and improves your computer’s day to day performance by performing critical maintenance tasks that you may have forgotten. Examples of these are hard disk defragmenting (which, though still an important part of computer maintenance, has increasingly went out of favor with newer and more powerful solid state drives), registry optimization and cleaning, junk file shredding, and others. Advanced System Care has separate tools to boost performance both of your computer and your Internet connection, and has an easy, one-click feature that does all this in one sitting, without you having to fiddle with a lot of settings or tweak your Windows features.

Advanced System Care (ASC) is characterized by its quick and easy navigation features, and has a slick and convenient interface that does all the work so you can just sit back and relax and let it improve your computer’s performance. Among its host of many features include security and protection tools that remove spyware, deleting your browser history and computer browsing habits, and more, and also providing an easily accessible and more intuitive panel for Windows administration.

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Last updated: : August 19, 2012