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Adobe Photoshop PL

What is Adobe Photoshop PL?

Adobe Photoshop PL is the Polish localization of the Adobe Photoshop Program. Besides Polish, there are over 20 localizations for the program, which is one of the most widely-used raster graphics editing applications to date. The program has image drawing and coloring tools that include preset and custom brushes, although its developmental emphasis has always been on photo editing (for which it is in fact employed by many publishing groups). Masking, object selection, cropping, erasing and more are all permitted by the program. Superior users are even cable of editing photos in ways that make the edits nearly impossible to discern.

While photo editing is its original purpose, the program can also be used for other visual editing projects. It is commonly employed as an illustration tool and is also used for video editing (especially from CS5 Extended onwards). It can be used to mold 2-dimensional graphics around or in a 3D space and can also be used as an interface for building files intended for 3D printing. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and was created using the C++ programming language.

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File types supported by Adobe Photoshop PL

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