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Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition

What is Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition?

Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition (LE) was the precursor to Adobe Photoshop Elements software. Both programs function as a raster image editor, and both are considered as the consumer versions of the Adobe Photoshop professional suite.

The main function of the software is to allow the user to create and edit raster graphics. The software has includes basic color management. To integrate CMYK color processing into the edited images, a third-party plug-in is required.

The program does include its own set of plug-ins for editing images such as sharpen or blur effects. Users can crop certain parts of the photo by using any of the marquee tools (rectangle, oval, horizontal or vertical), add layers to the project, which can be edited one layer at a time on the same window by clicking on the specific layers (Layer 1, Layer 2, etc.), correct red eye, adjust tone, rotate or flip the canvas, adjust canvas size, and incorporate other effects. The Auto Levels option will adjust all properties of the image to automatically enhance the photo.

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File types supported by Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition

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