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Adobe Photoshop Extended

What is Adobe Photoshop Extended?

The Photoshop Extended is considered to greatly expand the toolset that Adobe offers within its flagship product, in its charting of new ways in order to make image manipulation easier while making the older tools work better than before. It lacks a new interface; however the new ways to get the user’s projects done makes this version a must-have. The Photoshop series have been in the English lexicon in terms of editing images for a long time, however, the later version of the Adobe Photoshop’s flagship program stretches its canvas of manipulation much further than ever before.

The look of the new Photoshop program changed very little compared to its previous version, so that users can be instantly comfortable in operating the new version with its major updates; this version of Photoshop though, gives artists, photographers, designers and LOLcats obsessives an impressive array of new tools. Among its new features in the Adobe’s flagship image-editing software are the automatic lens corrections. There are also the High Dynamic Range toning, automated editing tools and the significant improvements to creating the 3D images.

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File types supported by Adobe Photoshop Extended

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