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What is Adobe Audition CC?

Adobe Auditions CC or Adobe Audio is one of the trademark products of Adobe Corporation. It is one of the Adobe suites offered for multimedia editing.

Adobe Audition is an audio editing software created for meticulous audio recording and audio editing productions. Its features are well integrated to cope up to the highest standards and to produce high quality audio projects. The new release of the Adobe Audition has improved its editing capability for a more precise result.

Adobe Audition uses an enhanced spectral frequency display so that the users can clearly locate the unwanted sounds in their recording. With the Adobe Audition, they can also create soundscapes and sound designs. Sound design tools such as noise generator and tone decay can be used for better effect. Moreover, the sound remover scans the whole track and easily eliminates the unnecessary sound clips in an audio file. Basic sound effects such as echo, equalizer, pitch bend, tempo and tremolo are available in Adobe audition. The software supports multitrack menu so that users can work with different tracks and large projects simultaneously.

Adobe Audition can also collaborate with Adobe Premier when making soundtracks and music videos. It can import and export mixes, clips and sequences. These files can be edited perfectly regardless of its original quality. The Adobe Audition also supports lip sync and automatically aligns the tracks in a few clicks.

Adobe Audition's updates are available in Creative Cloud. It's also part of the Adobe system to provide relevant updates in their released suites so that users can use the software more efficiently. Apart from this, Cloud system of adobe enables multiple users to work with projects of Adobe Auditions simultaneously. They can also store the files in the cloud.

Adobe Audition runs in the two major operating systems. Although, it requires a high quality hardware specification to run smoothly. For Windows, Adobe Audition requires a Windows 7 or Windows 8. While in Mac, it requires v10.0 or v8.0. Adobe Audition also requires an Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Phenom or MultiCore processors, 2GB of RAM and 2GB of hard disk space. (for installation process). Moreover, the software also requires OpenGL support, 1280x800 screen resolution and sound card wasapi or Asio compatible. The software also needs an internet connection for the registration, installation and updates.

For extraction and exporting audio files, Adobe Audition also supports DVDs, CDs and Blue-Ray DVD. a DVD ROM or Gold DVD Rom may be required during installation.

Download Adobe Audition CC from the developer does not provide software hosting. We send you directly to the developer's site, to make sure you download the latest, original version of the program.

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File types supported by Adobe Audition CC

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Last updated: : December 19, 2013