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What is AD10?

Altium Designer 10 is also known as AD10. It’s created to make things easier for users to produce the next generation of electronic designs. Altium’s combined architecture and design are known for combining software, hardware, and programmable hardware inside an application filled with new technologies and features. With Altium Designer 10, this system has been renewed and taken to another level, thanks to the arrival of the Unified Cursor Snap System. This system consists of three sub-systems. These sub-systems drive the way to cursor snaps onto a set of ideal coordinates: 1.) Snap Guides, which can be placed freely and offer a useful visual cue for object arrangement, 2.) User-Definable Grids, which comes in both polar and Cartesian flavors, and 3.) the improved object Snap Points allowing positioned objects to pull the cursor into position, based on the nearness of the curser to an object’s hotspot.

Altium Designer’s PCB Editor has a grid system containing visible, electrical, component and snap grids. These grids work together to assist users in putting their designed objects on the PCB document. Altium Designer 10 generates PCB 3D video documentation. Referred to as Key Frames, the content of a PCB 3D video is simply a chronological set of snapshots of users’ boards in 3D.

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Last updated: : August 20, 2014