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What is ACS2000?

ACS2000 is a computer program developed by Agency Computer Systems, Inc. to provide agencies, generally independent insurance agencies, with digital assistance with regards to generating rates for client quotes.

Comparative rating provided by the company allows agencies to create accurately-rated quotes for clients. Users can generate quotes with accurate rates for auto, home, and fire insurance policies. Rate changes are provided as they come (real-time), ensuring agencies that quotes are up-to-date.

The software also provides the user with an automated credit score feature, allowing agencies to generate credit scores of their prospective clients. This allows for customizing quotes based on the client’s credit/insurance score.

In addition to its primary functions, the software is also integrated with other features such as Forms Services, which provides the user with standard forms that may be attached to quotes, or may be provided separately by the insurance broker. Forms for Evidence of Property, binders and certificates are all provided through the software.

ACS2000 is provided on a subscription basis. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98 and ME; as well as Windows XP, 2000 and Windows NT.

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File types supported by ACS2000

Our users primarily use ACS2000 to open these file types:

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