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AC3Filter Configuration

What is AC3Filter Configuration?

The AC3Filter is a Microsoft DirectShow filter used to decode and process audio in real-time, and is used to decode the AC3, MPEG, and DTS file formats. The AC3Filter, written in C++ is a stand-alone filter for DirectShow and is a free and open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License. The AC3Filter also allows for sound to be adjusted in any which way possible, plus it offers the capability to upmix any audio input up to 6 channels. Finally, the AC3Filter can process multi-channel and digital or SPDIF output. The AC3Filter Configuration is a tool built into the software package itself, which installs by default along with the filter. This configuration tool allows for several aspects of the filter and its behavior to be tweaked accordingly.

Microsoft’s DirectShow is a proprietary multimedia framework and multimedia API. DirectShow is the direct successor of the now defunct Video for Windows technology, and is an excellent and reliable interface upon which various media written in an assortment of programming languages can be executed. DirectShow has garnered a warm reception from developers because its architecture is extensible, meaning it can be added or augmented by third-party additions, and filter-based that can render or record media on demand (for example play a movie, or record an audio). Developer tools to create DirectShow-related applications are released in the DirectX SDK (software development kit).

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