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AC3 Filter

What is AC3 Filter?

AC3 Filter is a software product which is labeled as an audio decoder and processor filter. This lets users to playback videos or movies through AC3 and DTS sound tracks. There is also the option to process audio tracks and files for control setting or adjustment. Users can combine audio sources up to 6 channels. Its filter includes multi-channel and digital output too. This encodes audio source to AC3 or DTS and send to the receiver via digital output or SPDIF.

AC3 Filter has two major functions which are to playback and process. The playback feature enables users to watch movies using the AC3 and DTS audio tracks. It also lets them listen to multi-channel audio CD. WAV files, raw DTS and AC3 files are also data accepted for playback or listening.

For the processing function, users can upmix or down mix audio tracks including plain stereo to 6 channels. There is also ProLogic down mix included to extract echoes and other surround details if the computer is integrated with an external Dolby ProLogic decoder. The in-built setting allows users furthermore to apply and adjust time.

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