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What is 602Photo?

602Photo provides tools that can organize, print, edit, and present digital photos in a slideshow. It generates photo CDs which users can share on the web. They can adjust thumbnails to give out a summary of their albums. Photos can be converted into different file formats. Files can be renamed per batch, and users can rotate or flip them to the correct orientation. The photos can be printed with different templates.

Users will be able to organize, archive, share, edit, present, and print their photos on the Internet. This software is essential for any digicam owner. This program was made to organize pictures into thumbnail based virtual photo albums, which users can view, present, and edit in multimedia slideshows. 602Photo is a photo editor which can enhance images in any way the user wants. It gives access to effects such as mosaic, fish eye lens, emboss, and diffuse, brightness and contrast control, custom image tuning, and a professional red-eye remover tool. The web photo album feature automatically decreases the dimension of huge photos into user-friendly sizes and uploads them online. Different web layouts are available and any standard ISP can be used for hosting.

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About file types supported by 602Photo

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Last updated: : August 20, 2014